The Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Homes

One of the quintessential elements to the Celebrity lifestyle is owning an incredible home. We did a deep dive into various Celebrities homes and put together a list of what we believe are the top 10 most beautiful. From brand new builds to full restorations, take a look at how each home is unique to the personality and style of each owner.

1. Marc Andreesson

Price: $177,000,000
Location: Malibu, California

2. Beyonce & Jay-Z

Price: $88,000,000
Location: Los Angelos, California

3. Andrew Russell

Price: $84,000,000
Location: Pacific Palisades, California

4. Patrick Dovigi

Price: $72,000,000
Location: Aspen, Colorado

5. Kanye West

Price: $57,000,000
Location: Malibu, California

6. Celine Dion

Price: $38,500,000
Location: Jupiter Island, Florida

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Price: $45,000,000
Location: Santa Barbara, California

8. Tiger Woods

Price: $54,500,000
Location: Jupiter Island, Florida

9. The Weekend

Price: $70,000,000
Location: Bel-Air, California

10. Jennifer Lopez

Price: $28,000,000
Location: Bel-Air, California

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