Top 10 Most Beautiful Sailing Yachts

Sailing dates back to early 3,000 BC and is one of the first sea-going ships in human history. From racing to luxurious vacations, it’s known to be one of the most efficient, long distance travel methods of its kind. According to Statista, the global luxury sailing yacht market is projected to more than double between 2019 and 2030. We hope you enjoy the top 10 sail boats!


maltese falcon

Year Built: 1990
Maker: Perini Navi
Length: 289'
Owner: Tom Perkins (American)


sailing yacht a

Year Built: 2015
Maker: Nobiskrug
Length: 468.5'
Owner: Andrey Melnichenko (Russian)


black pearl

Year Built: 2016
Maker: Oceano
Length: 350'
Owner: Oleg Burlakov (Russian)



Year Built: 2015
Maker: Oceano / Vitters
Length: 282'
Owner: Kjell Inge Røkke (Norwegian)


Mirabella V

Year Built: 2003
Maker: VT Shipbuilding
Length: 254'6"
Owner: Rodney Lewis (American)


Badis I

Year Built: 2016
Maker: Perni Navi
Length: 230'
Owner: King of Morocco (Moroccan)



Year Built: 2004
Maker: Royal Huisman
Length: 295'
Owner: James H. Clark (American)



Year Built: 2011
Maker: Alloy Yachts
Length: 220'
Owner: Rupert Murdoch (Australian/American)



Year Built: 2017
Maker: Perni Navi
Length: 197'
Owner: Ennio Doris (Italian)


Swan 115

Year Built: 2014
Maker: Nautor Swan OY
Owner: Unknown

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