The Top 10 Most Beautiful Penthouses in The World

Having a Penthouse is everyone's dream. To live in the heart the city, yet be so high above it all the noise that you can't help but feel serenity. Not to mention, amazing views that leave you perpetually inspired. To help you picture yourself living the penthouse lifestyle, we compiled the top ten most beautiful penthouses in the world.

1. Penthouse D

Price: $237,000,000
Location: London, England

2. La Tour Odéon

Price: $335,000,000
Location: Monaco

3. Woolworth Tower

Price: $110,000,000
Location: New York City, USA

4. 432 Park Ave

Price: $162,000,000
Location: New York City, USA


Price: $66,000,000
Location: Hong Kong, China

6. Wallich Residence

Price: $54,200,000
Location: Singapore

7. The Boyd Residence

Price: $50,000,000
Location: Sydney, Australia

8. Le Penthouse

Price: $75,800,000
Location: New York City, USA

9. 181 Fremont

Price: $46,000,000
Location: San Francisco, USA

10. One Palm Penthouse

Price: $25,000,000
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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